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Okay hear me out I know there's a lot of fans of Dragon Ball Super out there but it's flawed, heavily and me personally I can't see past the flaws. I just wanted to chat about a few of them, but if you HAVEN'T seen it and you want to I'm going to spoil a LOT here so...


Super is just fanservice central, and while it has gotten some direction recently, it took what ...40+ episodes to find a plot? Let's compare something and talk more about the show

Freeza comes back from Hell in Super to exact revenge on Goku, never mind Vegeta's past with him and the suffering he felt for years, Goku gets the final blow and Vegeta looked like an idiot. But what did all this accomplish? What happened? What was the outcome? Nothing. It's back to hanging out with DBZ's best gay couple Beerus and Whis (beating Majin Buu & Mr Satan by a country mile), then they go to a tournament....GREAT.

Freeza comes back in Z as a cyborg to exact revenge on Goku. What's the point? To go here's DBZ's current most POWERFUL villain, Trunks comes in and slaughters him easily, his father, his men and then tells everyone "I'm not that strong, there's 2 guys coming here that are MUCH worse" and that sets up the plot for an entire season.

We finally get some plot, Trunks comes back in super to tell everyone there's an Evil Goku! (No not the 3 other Goku look-a-likes, Turles, Bardok, Goten) Also it may be a god, but it may not be. Somehow, Trunks can keep up with SSJB Goku and Vegita SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSG, SSJB
                                                  ^Trunks            ^Goku & BFF Vegeta

Apparently they saw this problem and turned Trunks into Deus Ex Machina because he masters a new transformation and 5 different abilities in the span of 4 episodes. It was dumb. Meanwhile Goku and his Kaio Ken are nowhere to be seen and they did the laziest, half assed, last minute retcon of Vegito. Suddenly the fusion isn't permanent, but only last an hour, except it doesn't when they randomly defuse. No it wasn't Buu absorbing them that stopped the fusion, it was just the script.
I hate GT and I can say that GT is better than Super, it at least had a plot from the get go, get dragon balls or earth blows up- GOT IT. Super starts off stumbling around for ages and has no plot, nothing unique and to top it off the fights suck.

Everything feels last minute and lazy about this show. The fights feel like every other show like it, Inuyasha, Bleach where there's 5 punches thrown, bunch of talking, more punches, more talking end of episode.

I know Dragon Ball is not exactly great story telling but for Gods sakes Super is a whole new level of stupid. The plot is stupid, the fights are lackluster and are far from the dynamic dances they once were (this is 1000% the producers faults and not the faults of the animators and artists, I really feel bad for them and the deadlines)

Any thoughts on this? Anything I missed? Disagree? Let me know!
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November 20, 2016